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Getting Tufer

TufAmerica has discovered that it can be very expensive to bring a copyright infringement claim when you don’t own the copyright allegedly being infringed. In this case, TufAmerica sued the Beastie Boys (including their record label [UMG] and music publisher [UMPG]) over the alleged sampling of TufAmerica’s recording artist Trouble Funk’s 1982 release “Say What” on the Beastie Boy’s track “Shadrach” from their 1989 release Paul’s Boutique. Judge Nathan of the SDNY recently granted Defendant’s motions for attorneys’ fees and costs totaling nearly $850,000! Judge Nathan had earlier granted Defendant’s motion for summary judgment, finding that TufAmerica lacked standing to sue for infringement because it did not own an exclusive license to the Trouble Funk recording / musical composition at issue. Instead, Judge Nathan found that, at most, TufAmerica had acquired a “bare right to sue,” which is not an exclusive license and does not provide standing under the Copyright Act’s Sec. 501’s standing requirements.

Judge Nathan’s decision is below.

TufAmerica v Beastie Boys (Atty Fee Award)

Mobb Deep’s Copublishing Agreement

Readers of this blog know how much I enjoy finding actual recording / publishing agreements appended to lawsuits involving artists and their labels / publishers. Here is Mobb Deep’s 1995 copublishing agreement with BMG, the rights to which were acquired by UMPG and the subject of a short-lived lawsuit by Prodigy (a.k.a. Albert Johnson) (Johnson v. Universal Music Publishing Group et al, 15-cv-8811-ER (S.D.N.Y)). Here you go:

Mobb Deep Copublishing -W- BMG