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Getting Tuf

Also from TufAmerica’s lawsuit against the Beastie Boys over the alleged sampling of TufAmerica’s recording artist Trouble Funk’s 1982 release “Say What” on the Beastie Boy’s “Shadrach” from their 1989 release Paul’s Boutique, I give you Trouble Funk’s recording contract and co-publishing agreement.

Recording Agreement

Trouble Funk Recording Contract (1984)

Co-Publishing Agreement

Co Publishing Agreement

Mobb Deep’s Copublishing Agreement

Readers of this blog know how much I enjoy finding actual recording / publishing agreements appended to lawsuits involving artists and their labels / publishers. Here is Mobb Deep’s 1995 copublishing agreement with BMG, the rights to which were acquired by UMPG and the subject of a short-lived lawsuit by Prodigy (a.k.a. Albert Johnson) (Johnson v. Universal Music Publishing Group et al, 15-cv-8811-ER (S.D.N.Y)). Here you go:

Mobb Deep Copublishing -W- BMG