Monthly Archives: March 2012

SESAC Update

It seems that the antitrust case brought against SESAC by the local television broadcasters has cast a pale over SESAC’s sales efforts.  You may recall my prior post on the SESAC antitrust case (here).   A recent NY Post story (here) claims that potential suitors have been turned off by the implications of the case.  According to the article,

One prospective buyer described the suit as troubling, saying it could upend SESAC’s business model if the firm lost.

“Part of SESAC’s sales pitch is that they have a lot more flexibility on pricing” than competitors, the source said, adding that he was likely not going to make an offer.

“Copyright Math”

Here is Rob Reid’s recent talk at TED about “Copyright Math.”


It’s a funny, tongue-in-cheek critique of the content industry’s claims about the economic impact of piracy.  It is another example of the perils of hyperbole; I can’t believe that piracy hasn’t had some negative effect on the content industry–particularly smaller players like independent film makers–but when framed in such extreme terms, the content industry loses credibility.